mardi, septembre 19, 2006

Annecy-june 2006

some "souvenirs"!!!

this is Sergio Pablos watching our film!

and this is us with "king" Eric Goldberg!!!

mercredi, juin 14, 2006

Well, old fellows!
We sailed on the same ship for 9 months by way of our blog "Way of the Pyrats" and now you're welcome aboard "" to know how and where the adventure began!

It was a very difficult voyage through tumultuous waters, landing on dangerous lands and meeting weird creatures, but it was a fantastic odyssey!

From now it is the spectators who will take the helm of the ship and navigate their way to unexplored territories through our website.

Bon voyage !

samedi, juin 03, 2006

this is the end....

well ,I guess it's time to reveal a little bit more of the movie

the movie will be screened at the annecy animation festival thursday 8th 2006. Just few days left and you will be able to watch it on internet . For now , we've made a teaser that you can watch on the brand new website : WWW.PYRATS.NET

if you're in Annecy animation festival at this moment ,you will be more than welcome if you want to speak with us

mercredi, mai 03, 2006

final BG n°2

another Background from the movie

lundi, avril 24, 2006

final background

dimanche, avril 23, 2006

4000 drawings in 2 months
800 drawings per person
400 drawings per month
13 drawings each day (for a full time week)
at least a thousand of coffee

and all of this for the f****ing clean up part

like the disney's DVD say : "yeaaaah ya know ,it's was a great challenge but I can say that .........WE DID IT!!!"

as soon as possible ,we're gonna put a lot of drawings on this blog
after a little week of sleep

....LOVE YOU ALL .....

jeudi, février 16, 2006

Coming Super Soon