dimanche, avril 23, 2006

4000 drawings in 2 months
800 drawings per person
400 drawings per month
13 drawings each day (for a full time week)
at least a thousand of coffee

and all of this for the f****ing clean up part

like the disney's DVD say : "yeaaaah ya know ,it's was a great challenge but I can say that .........WE DID IT!!!"

as soon as possible ,we're gonna put a lot of drawings on this blog
after a little week of sleep

....LOVE YOU ALL .....


Anonymous Anonyme said...

Can't wait to see the final film!!
Very inspiring work so far!

The Branch.
(first year animation student from Toronto).

24/4/06 17:01  
Blogger willipino said...

congratulations on finishing your film!

25/4/06 19:40  
Blogger Sandra Khoo said...

I salute u guys! WELL DONE!!!! ^^

27/4/06 04:38  
Blogger bistroboy said...


Bravo les gens
ça a due etre une sacré aventure tout ça
en tout cas chuis bien content pour vous ya du fanart qui va sortir sa tete de sous la couette là

et encore moult congratulations viriles(mais chaudement amicales)^^

28/4/06 15:04  
Anonymous Arun said...

Guys, you are awesome! What a masterpeice!

5/1/08 12:02  

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