jeudi, février 16, 2006

Coming Super Soon


Anonymous Mitolerare said...

Alors super good luck!

16/2/06 21:38  
Blogger willipino said...

can't wait to see this film someday. good luck!

19/2/06 20:11  
Blogger Edward Juan said...

salute! your stuff is awesome! Gobelins students are all impressive! How's our Calarts exchange student doing over there? Dimitri that is.

19/2/06 21:09  
Anonymous Anonyme said...

WOO! Animation warriors! COOL! I'll be rootin' for ya all! ^^ Can't hardly wait for the big day when it's finally finished!;) Don't kill yourselves now....

20/2/06 09:33  
Blogger Sandra Khoo said...

Funny,I wasn't automatically logged in? The above comment was made by me. Sorry folks!

20/2/06 09:36  
Anonymous Anonyme said...

Ce commentaire a été supprimé par un administrateur du blog.

23/2/06 21:58  
Anonymous calamitybob said...

Oh..... mon..... dieu !...... use the force vois pas mieux ..

24/2/06 20:08  
Blogger bistroboy said...

ah ouais quand meme....

ça vous apprendra a etre des brutes...

bon sérieusement bonne chance pour la montagne de travail qui vous attend,en espérant que personne ne sombre dans la drogue ou se fasse repecher par un raelien qui passait par là...ça serait con

enfin bon

au boulot^^

27/2/06 09:10  
Blogger Balak said...

ayouuu t'as mis les dents, fille de mauvaise vie.

27/2/06 11:44  
Blogger Alessandro_PPG said...

Very nice! Great! More illustration, please! É muito legal o estúdio de vocês! Congratulations!

27/2/06 20:37  
Anonymous Pouch said...

Aaaaaaaaaah enfin! Pour nous aussi ça été dur cette longue attente.

6/3/06 07:05  
Blogger sebhary said...

ben dit donc!! et vous avez le temps de dormir ? parce que là c'est chaud quand même! :)
heureusement que vous êtes toute une équipe! allez courage!

21/3/06 21:51  
Blogger Mark McDonnell said...

Give me something new.


24/3/06 20:09  
Blogger infamousbern said...

You weird people:

I've been telling everyone here that they're going to miss the VERY best Annecy Trailer EVER if they don't come ...
it helped:
We're going to be 40 Filmakademie pilgrims coming to see the holy "PYRATES"!!

... and keep up your monthly blog ;P

Rock on & c'est trop de la balle!!

say hello to everyone ;)


25/3/06 23:36  
Blogger Alambique said...

When can we see more drawings?
A teaser? I would like to see more because it looks very nice.

28/3/06 18:05  
Blogger Ben Fiquet said...

thanks for all this nice comments ... we're working hard to finish the movie in time and we'll try to post some drawings as soon as possible

a teaser ...hum... the movie is about one minute long ,so I guess the teaser would be one or two seconds ,not enough isn't it ???

28/3/06 20:25  
Blogger Hadibi said...

Wow, 5 people and you're all already doing wonders with this movie *_* Can't wait to see it!

6/4/06 03:40  
Anonymous Bhashkar-Bimoutservices said...

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29/5/12 07:58  

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