lundi, avril 24, 2006

final background


Blogger Cooked Art said...

Beautiful background! If all of them are like this in pyrats, i'll definetly be a wonderful looking film. Want to post a test shot with a colored character example?

Glad you guys finished. I know how hard that is to get a film done - an -enormous- task.

Take it easy!

24/4/06 20:28  
Anonymous Torsten Schrank said...

Hi there,
the "Pyrats" stuff looks really promising! I do hope to see the final trailer soon...after the funny ink and paint work ;)
Good luck!!!

Crossing my finger,


25/4/06 09:57  
Blogger Chris Graf said...

layout's looking really nice. love the palette you chose. excited to see the animation

25/4/06 19:12  
Blogger Brian Growe said...

Wow, this project is looking really good! I'm sure the final work will look great!

26/4/06 19:56  
Blogger Andrew Glazebrook said...

A fantastic looking project !

28/4/06 06:06  
Blogger barth said...

Super decors, Ben !

28/4/06 10:22  
Anonymous Anonyme said...

Awsome stuff guys. Im now, more then ever, looking forward to the annecy festival. im very very curious! keep it up.

30/4/06 11:26  
Anonymous Guntharf said...

impressive work, good luck guys !!

1/5/06 12:46  
Blogger Prince Nez said...

Bravo pour le gros lasso de selection pour l'ombre au premier plan!

(c pasque j'my connais t'as vu)

3/5/06 16:04  
Anonymous Cabaroc said...

Ca donne envie de traverser tes dessins pour s'y ballader. Très jolie

17/6/06 12:20  
Blogger Mystery of Albesila said...

Great job! It's fantastic!

12/2/08 16:13  

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