lundi, décembre 19, 2005

team at work again

since one week ,we began the animation part's a bit hard for everybody because we didn't animate since this last few monthsand we have to remember there is a lot a animation to produce

we're also enjoying the "3d part" ,that's very hard to be able to match the 3d background and the 2d characters .....hope we'll succeed T_T
and a little bit of distraction watching "eureka 7" from Bones this moment we were very impressed by the quality of animation for this serie

dimanche, décembre 04, 2005

Affiche "Teaser"

Aller... On se la joue grosse major américaine avec cette affiche "coming soon"... (que vous verrez peut-être bientôt dans le metro, qui sait...)
Certain d'entre vous pourrons remarquer le petit traité "sensiiiiiible" de cette peinture...