mardi, novembre 01, 2005

sculpting time

this week end ,we spend 3 days with Ysengrin trying to sculpt two of the characters in the movie ...just to understand volume
well ,it was very difficult and we didn't "really" finish it (and they begin to crack)...but it was fun at all
you can see behind me the inspirations of animation students :) (in fact the inspirations of Ysengrin because we were in his appartment )


Blogger Joe Henderson said...

these sculptures are nice. Good Job guys

5/11/05 05:44  
Blogger Aurelie said...

Waow, waow, waow
Elles sont supers ces sculptures. Vraiment chouettes!

7/11/05 22:42  
Anonymous Delnico said...

j'aime bcp tes concepts et ton appréhension du volume en terrre. Au faite c'est qu'elle type ? De la castillene ??

18/12/05 01:15  
Blogger Ken Chandler said...

I'm sure nobody ever goes into your archives. Not this far back, but I have to say, these machettes are amazing. These characters are captured brilliantly! Wish I had your skills with clay.

24/6/06 14:48  

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