jeudi, novembre 24, 2005

Ship's Boy Balak's Report 2

If you're paying attention to our wonderful "we're making a moooovie" adventure, you remember last week terrible cliffhanger: we were about to show to an audience our latest animatic (storyboard in motion with soundfx, and music -made by your truly, btw, tee-hee).
We were not anxious, no. We were just bloody tired, ready to face criticism again, like we had to the past month.
So we've pushed the big red "play" button (there isn't such a thing as a "big red play button" but i'm trying to sounda little melodramatic here, thank you.), and waited.

oh my god.

oh... my.... sweet Baby Jesus.

They laughed!
There really, honestly, frankly LAUGHED!
and they were like "ooh" and "waah"!

and when they turned the lights on again, everybody could see the 5 most moronicly (is that a word?) happy faces ever.

it went well.
Actually beyond our wildest dreams, it went pretty fine.
So now we're really in the production area, currently drawing the 34 layouts so we can begin to animate as soon as possible.

we cross our fingers and knocking on wood so everything will be okay....



Anonymous casse_couille said...

j'en ai la larme à l'oeil
j'espère que nous aussi nous connaitront cette joie

24/11/05 12:35  
Blogger Aurelie said...

ben ca it was sure qu`ils allaient aimer!

24/11/05 17:34  
Anonymous JeP said...

Bin c'est plutôt de la bonne nouvelle ça ! Bon courage pour la suite, alors.

25/11/05 18:10  
Anonymous Kevzip said...



En fait j'ai capté!
Ce blog c'est que du teasing.


J'ai Trop envi de voir ce court!
J'espere pouvoir le voir à Annecy, plutot que sur le site des gobelins 3mois plus tard.

En tout cas bonne continuation!

27/11/05 13:39  

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